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Date Domain Message 06_12_00
27-12-2005 Mobile Automatically deleting of the input after a post
27-12-2005 Internet/Mobile New room navigation with favorites list
27-12-2005 Internet/Mobile New link and directory structure (SEO)
21-11-2005 Internet/Mobile Acception of postings after longer inactivity
06-11-2005 Mobile Subdivision of the chatrooms in alphabetical areas
05-11-2005 Internet/Mobile Protection against double posting integrated
23-10-2005 Internet/Mobile Reducing posting amout in the chat list
22-10-2005 Mobile New smily navigation
19-09-2005 Internet/Mobile Individual fitting of posting time with time zones
17-09-2005 Internet/Mobile Link-Generator create now links directly to the chatroom list
03-09-2005 Internet Subdivision of the chatrooms in alphabetical areas
16-06-2005 Mobile News-Site integrated, informs about innovations
15-06-2005 Internet Mailing files of any type directly in the chat
06-06-2005 Internet/Mobile best chat up lines online dating Hijack the LoFi-Chat to your own homepage
01-05-2005 Internet/Mobile Faster data transfer by side compression
25-02-2005 Off topic Happy birthday LoFi
22-02-2005 Internet/Mobile Domain registered
18-02-2005 Off topic Moving to a new sever (
09-02-2005 Mobile Automatical change of the posting sort integrated
10-01-2005 Internet/Mobile Detail view for postings with very long text
07-01-2005 Internet/Mobile Integration of turn over function to see previous postings
02-01-2005 Internet New layout designed by Ulrich Bauer
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