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Date Domain Message 06_12_00
31-12-2006 Internet/Mobile New Smilies
06-10-2006 Internet/Mobile Domains finally moved to new server
23-09-2006 Internet/Mobile No release of domains by now:(
21-09-2006 Internet/Mobile Provider cuts forwarding of domains
19-09-2006 Internet/Mobile New server runs stable with small number of users
18-09-2006 Internet/Mobile New chat room menu
18-09-2006 Internet/Mobile Optimization of database
09-09-2006 Internet/Mobile Thousands of Google user see empty sites
08-09-2006 Internet/Mobile Provisional move to an own server
08-09-2006 Internet/Mobile Neccessary shutdown of the system
07-09-2006 Internet/Mobile System black outs because of to high loads
25-08-2006 Internet/Mobile Short time black outs because of to high application of load
19-08-2006 Internet/Mobile Extremly increase number of visitors
06-07-2006 Mobile Chatroom search function integrated
25-02-2006 Off Topic Second LoFi-Party in LocalVerbot Creussen
02-01-2006 Mobile Chat FAQ now also on the WAP sites available
01-01-2006 Internet/Mobile Optimization for search engines
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